Abhyanga massage is a rebalancing treatment that relies on the 7 energy centers of the body (chakras). To enable the vital energy (prana) to flow smoothly through your body, the massage therapist works on the nadis, the energy channels where the pressure points are spread. The aim is a well-being, both physically and mentally.
With circular and sliding pressures, friction, acupressure and stretching and thanks to its moderate and smooth rhythm, this Indian massage will bring relaxation and harmony to your body.
Indian massage has many properties, but it’s particularly known to influence our moods, helping us to regulate them.
Ayurveda is an Indian medicine that really helps everyone to regulate their biological energies (Doshas – Kapha: earth and water, Pitta: fire and water, Vata: space and air).
Ayurveda best benefits nervous, hasty and stressed people.
It enables us to increase our vital energy (prana), to be more focused and to better regulate our emotions. It’s also a great warm-up to meditation.
Physiologically it strengthens the immune system, loosens up the joints and reinforces the muscle tone…
We use lukewarm sesame oil and essential oils that correspond to your dosha.
Valérie has travelled in South India, where she has learned this treatment. She’s currently studying with Ayurvedic aromatherapist Lidia Bosso, to deepen her knowledge.

Indian head, neck and shoulder massage: massage of the energy points of the head using friction, scalp pressure, relaxation of the trapezius and neck muscles.

 90Mn 115€